Using information fed back to us from meetings with the local authorities and University resident meetings we’ve strived to put measures in place to help reduce disruption to neighbouring residential areas.

The following points are addressing the SUMMER BALL (Friday 13th May 2016) and SLAM DUNK (Monday 30th May 2016) events.


We understand that in previous years there have been issues with litter in the local area after our Slam Dunk event. To help address this issue, this year we have commissioned Office & General (O&G, the University’s cleaning contractor) to do a full post-event litter pick. This will include the entire stretch of College Lane. Should any litter have been missed, please contact the SU reception on Tuesday from 10am and we will seek to rectify this as soon as possible. The SU can be reached on 01707 285000.


Our venue license permits us to make amplified music outdoors on twelve occasions a year until 11pm within our licensed premises. This covers The Forum Hertfordshire and its bus lanes, and most of the College Lane green areas from The Forum Hertfordshire building down to the University’s College Lane Main Reception. The outdoor noise is scheduled to occur til this time on both Friday 13th May and Monday 30th May. It’s possible noise may occur a little around these dates during the day just to test the systems but we have advised all sound contractors this must kept to a minimum. To help maintain our good relationship with local residents, every year we endeavour to forewarn those who live nearby of the two outdoor dates and how to contact us should there be any queries. From the feedback we gained last year, we realised the area we notified was not quite large enough and did not give much warning in terms of time. This year we have widened the areas we have notified via letter drop and given 4 weeks’ notice. We hope that this is enough time for residents to make other plans should they wish not to be at home on these dates, or ensure it does not collide with any other outdoor parties/plans.


Last year, especially during the Slam Dunk event, a significantly higher number of cars arrived to park onsite than in previous years. Due to planned rail strikes and the dodgy-looking English weather, the number of cars arriving on the campus increased from our usual 400 to a massive 1300. We understand this had an impact on the local area as festival goers realised they couldn’t park onsite, and then sought parking elsewhere. This year we have employed a traffic management company to look after the parking arrangements both on campus and at the park-and-ride. We have worked together with Slam Dunk to really push advance parking tickets, and inform everyone that only advance parking tickets can park on site and all others will be directed to the park-and-ride. In addition to this we will have staff patrolling adjacent roads to discourage inconsiderate parking. We are confident that this should help to significantly reduce the number of people trying to park in residential areas.


Vehicle egress will all be via Roehyde Way after the Slam Dunk Festival finishes at 11pm. A bus service will be running to Hatfield Station and the University’s park-and-ride facility. During the festival egress, staff will be positioned at key locations to try and help to reduce disruption.


Should you have any further queries please feel free to email on If you have any issues during the major outdoor event times, including Summer Ball and Slam Dunk, please call 01707 284759.